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Caroline Wise

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Caroline Wise compiled the book Finding Elen, the Quest for Elen of the Ways, which seeks out the antlered goddess. Caroline is an ordained priestess of the Goddess, and has contributed to several books on goddesses, on woman magical pioneers, and on Mythic London. Caroline trains women to become priestesses and oracles of the goddess. She had led workshops and talks based on these subjects in UK, Italy, USA and Germany,and she organised Goddess conferences in the London from 1990. To contact Caroline, please email her at:


Finding Elen

Finding Elen was compiled by Caroline Wise and contains her own quest to find the roots of the mysterious antlered Goddess who had appeared in vision to her and a friend back in the early 1980s. The book has contributions from others who were drawn to this elusive deer spirit, showing she is a multi-facited goddess of who has woven in and out of myth and place across millennia.


The Secret Lore Of London

The Secret Lore of London leads us into a tantalising world of myth and legend beneath the concrete, offices and shops and busy roads. Legends of Goddesses and temple sites,  dragons and standing stones, Raven gods and Trojan founders, Templars, Goddesses and temple sites. They lie very much alive beneath the city streets and churches.  Co-edited with John Matthews.  

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