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"I would highly recommend the days for anyone serious about strengthening and developing their connection with the goddess, in her many forms. The Elen day was incredibly empowering; it took place in a friendly and supportive group environment. Carrie and Caroline know their subject well and are both engaging and encouraging in facilitating the workshops. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience; this is powerful stuff!"

- Emily Hollywood


"I've been on a couple of Goddess workshops run by Carrie and Caroline and have been blown away by the research and detail that goes into the information shared and the activities organised. At the close of each workshop we hold a ceremony to that day's Goddess, which just bring all the information and preparation to life with a little magic. You're made to feel very welcome, no matter where you are on your path. I highly recommend them and cant wait to attend more!"

Sian Llanas

"I attended Caroline & Carrie’s recent Hecate workshop. It was meticulously researched, interesting and practical from both a spiritual and academic point of view. The guided mediations, exercises and final ritual brought that knowledge coherently into the spiritual realms. Finally it was also an opportunity to meet an amazing supportive community of women whose contributions enhanced the whole day.

Looking forward to the next one."

Jessica Salmon

"Wonderful workshops held by 2 inspiring & knowledgeable women. Carrie & Caroline facilitate a beautiful space that brings learning & enlightenment as well as creating new friendships & connections. I would recommend these workshops to everyone."

Layla Green

"I didn't know what to expect but the two workshop days I've been to have been inspirational and have moved me to tears on both occasions!"

Yasmin Boland


"Wonderful awesome amazing day, thanks to Carrie Kirkpatrick and Caroline Wise. Thank you for opening up this incredible world even more."


- Angel Joughin-Coppin


"Caroline Wise and Carrie Kirkpatrick are priestesses and teachers of long standing and their experience shows. They create an open and welcoming environment to all who are interested in the Goddess and wish to deepen their personal communication with Her. The workshops combine learning, discussion and activity in a friendly environment, where all can feel comfortable and learning is easy. We arrive as students and leave as friends: I thoroughly recommend Caroline and Carrie's Goddess Days."

- Sue Terry 


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