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About Us

Goddess Enchantment was formed by Carrie Kirkpatrick in 2008 to provide interactive magical days connecting with the Goddess energies. She has teamed up with Caroline Wise to offer magical Goddess Days in North London that both inspire and teach women and men in the ways of connecting with the Goddess energies.


We host Goddess workshops several times a year in an intimate environment in North London which include exploring the history of the ancient Goddesses, group activities and ceremonies. For those who seek a deeper connection with the Goddess, we offer Priestess / Priest training and ordination if they wish.

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Carrie Kirkpatrick

Carrie Kirkpatrick is an ordained Priestess of Hecate and clairvoyant who has been guiding people psychically and magically for thirty five years. She began working with the goddess twenty years ago and has worked extensively on TV and in the media as a producer and presenter teaching people how to connect to the goddess energies and has continued to work in television as a producer and director of factual programmes. She has written and photographed Goddess Enchantment – Magic & Spells: Volumes 1 & 2 and is the creator of the Goddess Enchantment Oracle App.

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Caroline Wise

Caroline Wise compiled the book Finding Elen, the Quest for Elen of the Ways, which seeks out the antlered goddess. Caroline is an ordained priestess of the Goddess, and has contributed to several books on goddesses, on woman magical pioneers, and on Mythic London. Caroline trains women to become priestesses and oracles of the goddess. She had led workshops and talks based on these subjects in UK, Italy, USA and Germany,and she organised Goddess conferences in the London from 1990.

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