Goddess of the Wildwood & the
woodland groves


Due to an unexpected change in our availability, we are rescheduling the Diana Goddess day. It will now be held on Saturday 21st May 2022.


An experiential day on the Goddess Diana

led by Caroline Wise and Carrie Kirkpatrick.

Saturday May 21st 2022

Highgate, North London.

Time: 10.45am - 6.45pm

Price: £65.00

As a goddess of light in the darkness, she became the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and witches. We’ll shine the light on Diana’s possible origins, myths, and attendant characters, and look at the goddesses she has become kindred with and conflated with. We'll explore her places, beasts, and other highways and byways as Diana travels through time. We’ll discuss where we can connect to Diana in Britain; what is her part in the British mythosphere? And we'll look at how is she relevant to us today, and at her evolution in the neo-pagan revival.


We’ll also be preparing for the Festival of the Floralia, of the Roman Goddess Flora, whose festival spans the end of April and the beginning of May, and honouring Rosmerta, a Gallo-Roman Goddess of plenty.


A day of illustrated talks, guided visualisation, magic-making, lunch in the woods, (weather permitting), and ceremony. There will be crafting - in both senses of the word!


Please bring a notepad and pen, an umbrella, and packed lunch. We’ll provide all materials for practical work, light refreshments throughout the day, and wine for those who wish to have it later. Some bubble wrap may be handy if you have some.

The Goddess Days are held in a private family home in North London with cats, so numbers are limited.