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Goddess of Horses and Fertility

An experiential day on the Goddess Epona

led by Caroline Wise and Carrie Kirkpatrick.

Saturday December 17th 2022

Highgate, North London.

Time: 10.30am - 6.30pm

Price: £75.00

£10.00 discount available for returning priestesses*

enter code Priestess10 at checkout

*Anyone who has attended a Goddess Enchantment day previously is eligible

As the sun and the moon wind in towards the Winter Solstice, and on the eve of the feast day of the Goddess Epona, join us around the Yule fire for a winter-magical day. We’ll be learning of and celebrating this Gallo-Roman Goddess. Epona’s places can be found far and wide as she was adopted by the Romans. She was honoured and beloved by those who worked with horses, and to whom horses, mules, donkeys, and ponies, were important. Echoes of Epona have been found in several places in Britain, and some associate the pre-Roman chalk hill figures of horses with Epona, or with earlier Iron-age horse goddesses.


With illiustrated talks, magical work, chant, visualisation exercises, divination, discussion invoking and ceremony, we’ll also be making items for you to take home - all materials provided. Weather permitting, we may have add some outdoors magic. Some of the things we’ll be exploring are:


Who is Epona in history and myth, and where can we find her shrines?
Who are the Goddesses and gods associated with her?

Who are the British and Irish goddesses of horses?

What is her relevance to us today?

What are her symbols and emblems?

How can we connect with her?


Please bring packed lunch. Join us for wine or tea and good cake afterwards. Weather permitting, we may have some outdoors magic.


Places are limited. Please note the venue is a private home with cats. All welcome who come in good will.

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