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& Dryads

Saturday June 8th
Highgate, North London
11.00am - 6.30 pm

An experiential day exploring the

Forest Goddesses and Dryads

led by Caroline Wise

& Carrie Kirkpatrick.

Saturday June 8th 2024

Highgate, North London.

Time: 11.00am - 6.30pm

Price: £75.00

Returning priestesses £65.00

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Enter the realm of the deep dark forest. Meet goddesses, dryads, fairies, and the nature spirits who dwell within and among the trees, the soil, the fauna and flora, and step under the rich green mantle of the Green Lady. Cast back to the trees that emerged in Britain and Europe as the ice began its retreat, leading to vast forested areas known as The Wildwood. Our magical but diminishing forests are teaming with life-force, and are the lungs of planet, holding 80% of the Earth's plant biomass. Their magic was re-imagined in art, literature, and practice with the advance of the industrial revolution, playing a major role in the emergence of the new paganisms and fairy and folk-lore interest by the 19th and early 20th centuries. This created an evocative and effective slip-stream into the forest magic. With illustrated talks and discussion, guided visualisation, divination, magical crafting and ceremony, we’ll draw on the ancient past and see how the goddesses and spirits of the forests are relevant today.


We’ll visit Queens Wood, local ancient woodland, remains of the Ancient Forest of Middlesex, a place where witches met.

Let us know which tree you would like to represent in our ceremony.

Please bring a packed lunch, and join us for wine or tea and cake afterward. An umbrella may be useful, we will be visiting the woods come rain or shine!


Light refreshments and materials are included, and you are welcome to join us for a drink afterward.

Places are limited. Please note the venue is a private home with cats. All welcome who come in good will. Please let us know if you need parking.

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