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Goddess Enchantment Workshops & Training

Goddess Enchantment offer Goddess Days in North London several times a year. These enriched workshops provide a history of the chosen deities, exploratory techniques of connecting with the Goddesses as well as interactive ceremony, oracles and group crafting activities. Participants come form a raneg of magical and esoteric backgrounds and all levels of experience are welcome.


For those who wish to take things further, we also offer Priestess/Priest training. Candidates are required to attend a minimum of four Goddess days and will be coached online. For those that wish it, they can then be ordained into the Fellowship of Isis after training.


Caroline Wise, Carrie Kirkpatrick and Ruth Bayer were due to givie presentations at the second Magickal Women Conference in London on June 6th 2020. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the conference has had to be postponed until June 2021., where we all look forward to seeing you.


So, we produced this video featuring a short extract of our presentations for you to enjoy online.


For more information on the Magickal Women Conference and to book your ticket for next year  visit



August 21st - The Horned & Antlered Goddesses        

September 18th - Ishtar                      



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